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Master Key 5.5.1
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Master Key 5.5.1

Publisher:MacinMind Software
Platform:Windows, MAC
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Master Key - Master Key is a straightforward typing tutor. It offers instruction on QWERTY, Dvorak, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards and numeric keypad, history and statistics, multiple users and groups that can share the network folder with Macs, and one of best games for typing, ParaTyper.

List of Changes:

Version 5.5.1 from 2010-11-13

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Version 5.5 from 2010-10-12

- Now uses 'Master Key Preferences' found in the same folder as the application if the preferences found in the account preferences folder is either nonexistent or if the preferences were created before registration
- Fixed an issue where saving pupils from the class editor would hang
- Attempting to save a drill log to a read-only folder will no longer result in a crash
- Show WPM heads-up display preference is no longer overridden by Enable statistics during drill preference
- Mac: Changed encodings to allow a greater range of UTF8 characters
- Mac: Checks for writable status of pupil file on load and save and reports a problem if one is encountered
- Pause keyboard shortcut is now displayed on pause button
- In the history window after multipage drills, next drill button now is next page button
- Multipage drills now display total pages such as p. 1 of 5

Version 5.4.8 from 2010-04-15

- Fixed some issues with showing words with accented characters in French and German drills - Fixed an issue with opening drill selection window - Fixed graph checkboxes disappearing when mousing over them in the History window in Windows

Version 5.4.7 from 2009-10-18

Fixed problem of starting wrong next drill from history window thus also giving credit incorrectly to the drill that was supposed to be started. Bug introduced in 5.4.6.

Version 5.4.6 from 2009-09-30

- Fixed improper WPM display in certificates printed from the Class Reports - Fixed some problems with quitting in Class Reports and Settings with bad data - Made some optimizations with Mac clients working with Windows server volumes - Gave drill selection in main window a small delay loading drills in case the arrow key is used to move through the list

Version 5.4.5 from 2009-06-16

- Timer bell at end of timed drill is not turned off when key sounds are off
- Changed ParaTyper font for better readability

Version 5.4.4 from 2009-05-08

Fixed an issue where a crash resulted when trying to get the account folder name with account mode on in Master Key with some Windows account configurations

Version 5.4.3 from 2009-05-06

- Added option to turn off scrolling while typing
- Mac: Changed permission testing detection to be more forgiving for some network situations
- Mac: Moved Help display to default web browser

Version 5.4.2 from 2008-11-21

Fixed a cheat bug in ParaTyper

Version 5.4.1 from 2008-10-20

- Fixed file name display problem created by files starting with "._" created on the Mac showing when running Windows
- Fixed a problem of ParaTyper High Scores not saving on Windows Vista

Version 5.4 from 2008-10-09

- Added multiple pupil, class, password import from delimited text file ability - In order to discourage key repeat abuse, a dialog is now presented when too many keystrokes are typed incorrectly. - ParaTyper no longer accepts keystrokes as correct before word is visible - Fixed a problem reloading paginated drills when drills is reselected at the time of launch - When Pupils folder is the Master Key folder doesn't have write permissions with account mode off and not in network mode, now uses Pupils folder in Master Key Data folder in account preferences folder

Version 5.3.5 from 2008-09-12

Fixed how initial preferences are written and read in Windows for more situations

Version 5.3.4 from 2008-09-05

Fixed problem of incorrect WPM when certificate is printed from Class Report or main window.

Version 5.3.3 from 2008-08-26

- Windows: Fixes a smearing graphics problem in ParaTyper in Vista introduced by version 5.3
- Windows: Fixes some local permissions issues with preferences and pupil files

Version 5.3.2 from 2008-08-23

- Keyboard animation now animates next key hint when there is a pause in typing. - Tab key now changes tab panels in History window - Network preferences now properly apply to interface at launch when conflicting preferences are read from the local folder. - Drill Editor now works with no pupils loaded - Windows: Fixed problems with incorrectly stating incorrect permissions in network mode. - Windows: Re-enabling ParaTyper menu now works without having to relaunch the application.

Version 5.3.1 from 2008-08-19

Fixed Key WPM and Key Accuracy analysis to be more accurate for more situations

Version 5.2.7 from 2007-10-11

Improved error-handling of reading preferences from the network in an attempt to stop the problem of the preferences being reset once in a while by a single client


A straightforward typing tutor program

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File Size: 4.9 Mb

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File Size: 4.9 Mb